Dear diary: My client dumped me!

dumped.gifLast week I got dumped.

That’s right, dumped, shown the door, given the boot, kicked to the curb. Pick your expression.

I suppose I should have seen it coming. All the classic signs were there, long periods without communication, not replying to emails, indecision about what they wanted to do, and frequently changing their mind. Still it came as a surprise. And after all the time and effort I put in, it truly felt like a betrayal.

What hurt the most was the way it happened. Just a simple email saying, ‘we have decided to cancel our event’. Not even a phone call. With a simple electronic message, all the time and research I put into the media plan became void. Don’t you just hate that?

It’s okay though. I will live to compose a media list again. In fact I have already found a new client who wants me to help them do promotion for another event. There are organizations out there who want to use my skills. Fortunately it was only a volunteer position, but what would happen if it wasn’t? I wonder how PR agencies and consultants handle clients who cancel on them halfway through a project or last minute? Isn’t the time and effort worth something even if the work is not utilized?

2 thoughts on “Dear diary: My client dumped me!

  1. That’s unfortunate, I’m sorry this happened! I can’t believe there wasn’t even a phone call. If this happened in the midst of an agency’s campaign, I would think that clients are still billed. If there’s a cancellation, there’s definitely a phone call, and a meeting, maybe several meetings to discuss the situation! None of this e-mail/avoidance business. Good luck to the next PR person in place. Wow.

  2. When you told me that your client dumped you, I was mad for you. But the question you posed at the end made me think. What if this was a paid job, would I care so much? In all honesty I wouldn’t because my time was compensated monetarily and that would not make me feel like I did all that work in vain.

    I also think that there is some comfort in the reality that you are not the only one that this happened to. It’s a sad reality, but volunteers are not always looked at in the same light as the hired help.

    PS it’s cute that you still keep a diary!

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