Welcome to Thailand

Catching a ride in a Samlor

So I’m finally here in  Thailand.

After 18 hours in the air and four hours in four different airports I finally set foot in Ubon Ratchathani yesterday afternoon. It’s only been a day and a half and already its been an experience. I’ve been carried about in a Samlor; been stared at constantly; eaten food touched by other people’s bare hands; fallen off a bicycle; attended a barefoot church service; and been on a motorcycle with a crazy American.

Okay so the American wasn’t really crazy, but we did almost crash into the gate. I think you get my point though – its been interesting.

Mentally I know I’m in Thailand, but it doesn’t feel like I’m halfway around the world. It really is true that people are the same wherever you go – regardless of whether or not you speak their language. And wherever you find people of God you find family – just like I have with the members of the church beside our school. I am still suffering from jet-lag, and trying to adjust my body clock to the new time zone, but I am excited for what’s ahead. I have a feeling it will be more than I bargained for.