The little yellow book

Thai Sunset

It’s been over a month since I posted (I know I am a terrible blogger) but in my defense it has been a truly intense month.

I have passed the halfway mark for my time in Thailand and so now the end is closer than the beginning. My mother who is counting down my return to her nest is extremely happy about this. But as I look at the first six months I can already see how much I have changed, how many weird Thai habits I have picked up (more on this later) and how I have stretched myself in ways unimaginable.

Over the six months I have also been making lists of my prayers in a little yellow book that stays in my purse or on my bed-head. I am pretty delinquent in writing all my requests, but usually the big ones make it on the pages. It has been such a blessing to see how God has answered so many of them. Requests for friends who were sick; requests for help teaching my classes; requests for help writing my manuscript; requests for my parents, my brother, my other relatives and friends. Everything from the simple and mundane (help me to like Thai food) to the complex (help my Thai friend to come to our Visitor’s Sabbath at church) have made it into that little yellow book. And the vast majority have been answered – not always in the way I want, but they have been answered.

It is an encouragement to me to see how God answers my prayers. It gives me hope that He will do the same in the future. Try tracking your prayers and answers and then count your blessings.

You may be surprised at how much God is listening to you.

2 thoughts on “The little yellow book

  1. Didn’t know u had a blog

    Yellow book
    I like it and will adopt it

    Stay beautiful
    This is d msg of psalm 77 after all the whining and crying david sat and remebered the things that God had done and he had strength to make it
    So yeah a yellow book would help speed up d remewmbering process


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