Free-Speech Fridays

So I have been feeling really claustrophobic online recently.

In light of my new endeavours, I have found that I have to censor myself a lot. A lot of the things I would normally say freely on facebook and even on this blog, I can no longer say because they might offend the wrong someone. If you know me personally – and by that I mean, if you have ever been on the wrong end of my frustration – you know that I don’t mince words.

So you can understand how I feel having to edit or even delete comments or posts because of the impression they might have on people. I can’t talk about certain topics because people might get the wrong (or right) impression of me. I can’t say how I feel about certain books I’ve read because someone might be offended. The result is that I blog less, comment less, and participate less in a lot of social media. The only thing I hate more than having to censor myself is being fake. I won’t do it.

And from this place came Free-Speech Fridays. This is the one day of the week I will blog whatever I want to say, uncensored. If you’re super sensetive know to avoid the above labelled posts. I remember when the great thing about social media and the online world was that there was a niche for everyone and people could be themselves. Somehow in the business of image management we have strayed away from that.

It’s time to bring it back.

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