It feels good

So on Wednesday my friend Dave talked about the things we let into our minds through the media. And let me tell you that message rubbed me the wrong way, given that I had just started watching a movie that was admittedly lacking in substance. But you can’t fight the truth. The things we put into our mind that don’t lift us up to God pull us down away from Him. It sucks, but there’s really no middle ground.

So then, why is it so hard to let go of the things that hurt us or that even just fill us up with empty calories?

Because it tastes good.

It feels good. It sounds good. It looks good. That’s the thing with sin. ┬áIt’s designed to draw us away or at least distract us from the One who really loves us. It really is sad. I could say more, but The Arrows say it so much better.

Something to think about.

A Temple worth a thousand words (TIP)

White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Thai temple beauty at its best

Wat Rong Khun, known to many tourists as the White Temple, is a huge beautiful temple in Chiang Rai Thailand. I got the chance to visit it earlier this year, and believe the picture doesn’t do it justice. One thing I have noticed is that Thai people go all out with the temples. They are truly a beauty.

Free-Speech Fridays: Whose team are you on?

books, music and film

I am a source girl.

I need to know where things come from. If I am eating a meal, I prefer to know who cooked it. I regularly ruin the ending of movies for myself by checking the synopsis on Wikipedia. And when it comes to books and music, especially gospel music I have to know the story. Sometimes however, knowing the story changes how much I like the music.

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