One Way or Another releases today!

My second novel One Way or Another releases today in stores everywhere. It’s still a bit crazy seeing my name on the cover of a printed book. It’s even more crazy seeing it in stores. But I thank God for the opportunity to do this a second time.

Anyway, before I get weepy, I want to let you know that One Way or Another is available wherever books or sold. So you can drop by your nearest Chapters or Barnes and Noble and pick it up. Or you can order it online from almost anywhere. There are also a few free copies floating around. You can win one by entering a the GoodReads Contest that closes March 1st. Also check out Patricia Markham Woodside’s blog for her article on the book. You can win a copy there too.

Lastly, first week sales are super duper important to authors, so don’t wait – go ahead and get it now. And when you’re done reading, let me know what you think!

Happy Release Day!

Much Ado about Christian Fiction

So in case you missed the memo I am a Christian Fiction writer. Don’t believe? Check the link up top to my books and the link to my website home for more info. Most people’s next question is, what is Christian Fiction? And even if you have an inkling of what it is, that inkling might have you conjouring up images of pale skinned southern women in milkmaids dresses, wearing white bonnets on a prairie field somewhere. Let me assure you, that’s not what I write about.  But unfortunately that’s still the box that most people put Christian Fiction in. Check out this article from Reviews Library Journal on the issue. My February release One Way or Another, gets a mention along with some other great titles.

Check out the whole article at Reviews Library Journal.

Higher Thoughts: A shelter in the time of snow

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. (NIV)

I love winter. The clean crisp air. The shimmery white snow. My cute winter boots. I however hate winter driving. I hate everything about it, from the snow shovelling, to the cold car seats, to being stuck in snow banks. And this week I had the joy of experiencing all this and more when I drove my friend to school in London from Toronto. Continue reading

New year, new release

I know it’s been a long time guys (okay a really long time). But hey! Happy New Year and I hope you’ve had a great season. This girl here has been going through a lot of life changes. You get to share one with me on February 28, 2012 with the release of my second novel One Way or Another. I really love this book and I hop you will too. I even got a pretty decent review:

'One Way or Another' by Rhonda Bowen

“Less a traditional romance novel and more a story of faith and redemption, Bowen’s sophomore outing enchants from the first page…”

Great start to a review right? Read the whole things at:

This title will be available in stores, in at online retailers, and in electronic format. If you want to pre-order you can pick it up at or

You could also win a free copy in the Goodreads contest. See for details.

I’m so excited! Are you?