Dear God: This is why I’m leaving You

stampI recently came upon a blog,, which is a compilation of letters from ex-churchgoers on why they left the church. I thought it was a very interesting concept, especially for an organization like the church who’s main goal is recruit members. It’s an invaluable research tool that gives them information on exactly why their members are leaving, and thus shows them how they can stem the tide.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all organizations had a resource like this at their disposal? Usually when someone quits a job, or decides not to renew membership in an organization, he or she may be asked to give a reason why. However in many cases the individual may not give the whole truth, or they may choose not to give a reason at all. But if somehow this information became available, think of how this could change not only the rate of member turnover for an organization, but also the quality of an employee’s work environment, and the amount of money spent on new-hire training. A simple concept with the potential to have a far-reaching effect.

(Credit to Good Girl Lit for introducing me to