He wants it all

Music loves me. I would say I love music, but I honestly feels like its the other way around most of the time. Especially days like today when a song crawls into me and won’t go away.

I have been missing out on a lot of new music since I switched latitudes but a couple days ago I came across this song from Forever Jones – He wants it all. I have been struggling a lot with what it really means to really give God everything. Like really get-up-in-the-morning-don’t-move-until-God-speaks everything. It’s a scary concept. I guess that’s why this song appealed to me right now. So of course, I must share. Enjoy!


Song of the Week

The teenagers I teach on the side are part of a Pathfinder Club who have as one of their laws “Keep a song in my heart.” Today that came in very handy for me, as I was verbally abused for 20 minutes by a guest of an event I put on a couple weeks ago. As I listened to this woman rip into me over the phone, I could hear in the background of my mind this song by Fred Hammond:

I just found this song from the album Freedom to Worship and it has been on a loop in my head, and on my CD player this week.

It is so amazing to know that there is no greater love than God’s love for us, and that it is forever. His mercy and favour erases everything else. He sees past our flaws and incompetence to the heart of who we truly are, and He still loves us. You would be surprised how much that puts things into context, and how much knowing Christ and being connected with His love, keeps you from giving someone a piece of your mind on the phone. Of late I’ve been growing to understand more and more how truly deep and enduring God’s love is for me, and it is so overwhelming and amazing. I can’t help but love Him.

Anyway, I could easily go on, but let me know what you think.