City Girls Series

So I am continuing on with the City Girl series and am seven scenes away from finishing the first draft of Book 3.

This is Portia’s story. You remember her? Derek’s twin sister from Under My Skin? Yeah, she’s got the stage now and a lot is going on with her. I am excited about her story and can’t wait to finish it. Don’t ask me when it will happen. I don’t know. I am a totally indisciplined writer. I will write every day for five days and not write at all for ten. But it will get done before the end of the year by the grace of God.

The problem is I keep getting sidetracked. Example? While I was writing Portia’s story, Malcolm’s story kind of slipped into my head (if you remember who Malcolm is I applaud you – you’re the real MVP). Anyway, had to stop and scribble down a scene and save it for later. I am really loving this group of people though so I think Book 3 is not the last we will see of them. That’s exciting!

PS: If you did not hear about Book 2 check out the whole series here:

Life and Bin Covers

puzzleThe other day I was in the storage room at work with one of the kids I supervise, putting away some items after an activity. The storage area is very small, so many things are pushed up against walls and stuck in corners, including a long rectangular bin we use to hold balls, volleyball nets and other sporting equipment.

On this particular afternoon one of the boys was putting a couple balls into the bin. After putting them in he closed the cover of the bin, except it went almost all the way but wouldn’t really close. He tried again – same thing. Then he proceeded to use more strength to try and shove the cover into place, but it wouldn’t fit. I attempted to help him, but of course, he refused my assistance. After about five minutes of this, with him breathing heavy and getting frustrated, and the cover of the plastic bin getting more battered, he finally gave up. When he did, I didn’t say anything, but merely shifted the bin slightly away from the cupboard which it had been shoved against. Without either of our efforts, the cover for the bin fell smoothly into place. Continue reading

Making solid investments

VW-Hippie-2The other day I parked my car at the bank and was walking away when I noticed a rust spot on one of the doors. It was a small spot but knowing how rust spreads I decided to inquire at the bodywork shop next door about what could be done. As I walked around the car with one of the guys from the shop I noticed for the first time a consistent layer of rust underneath the side of the car, an area that had been nicely concealed by layers of snow for the past six months. When the guy gave me an estimate of how much it would cost to fix it I was shocked. I imagine that I would have been plenty upset had I paid many thousands for my car. But since I hadn’t invested very much into it I wasn’t too distraught.  Continue reading

One Way or Another releases today!

My second novel One Way or Another releases today in stores everywhere. It’s still a bit crazy seeing my name on the cover of a printed book. It’s even more crazy seeing it in stores. But I thank God for the opportunity to do this a second time.

Anyway, before I get weepy, I want to let you know that One Way or Another is available wherever books or sold. So you can drop by your nearest Chapters or Barnes and Noble and pick it up. Or you can order it online from almost anywhere. There are also a few free copies floating around. You can win one by entering a the GoodReads Contest that closes March 1st. Also check out Patricia Markham Woodside’s blog for her article on the book. You can win a copy there too.

Lastly, first week sales are super duper important to authors, so don’t wait – go ahead and get it now. And when you’re done reading, let me know what you think!

Happy Release Day!

Welcome to Thailand

Catching a ride in a Samlor

So I’m finally here in  Thailand.

After 18 hours in the air and four hours in four different airports I finally set foot in Ubon Ratchathani yesterday afternoon. It’s only been a day and a half and already its been an experience. I’ve been carried about in a Samlor; been stared at constantly; eaten food touched by other people’s bare hands; fallen off a bicycle; attended a barefoot church service; and been on a motorcycle with a crazy American.

Okay so the American wasn’t really crazy, but we did almost crash into the gate. I think you get my point though – its been interesting.

Mentally I know I’m in Thailand, but it doesn’t feel like I’m halfway around the world. It really is true that people are the same wherever you go – regardless of whether or not you speak their language. And wherever you find people of God you find family – just like I have with the members of the church beside our school. I am still suffering from jet-lag, and trying to adjust my body clock to the new time zone, but I am excited for what’s ahead. I have a feeling it will be more than I bargained for.

Dear diary: My client dumped me!

dumped.gifLast week I got dumped.

That’s right, dumped, shown the door, given the boot, kicked to the curb. Pick your expression.

I suppose I should have seen it coming. All the classic signs were there, long periods without communication, not replying to emails, indecision about what they wanted to do, and frequently changing their mind. Still it came as a surprise. And after all the time and effort I put in, it truly felt like a betrayal.

What hurt the most was the way it happened. Just a simple email saying, ‘we have decided to cancel our event’. Not even a phone call. With a simple electronic message, all the time and research I put into the media plan became void. Don’t you just hate that?

It’s okay though. I will live to compose a media list again. In fact I have already found a new client who wants me to help them do promotion for another event. There are organizations out there who want to use my skills. Fortunately it was only a volunteer position, but what would happen if it wasn’t? I wonder how PR agencies and consultants handle clients who cancel on them halfway through a project or last minute? Isn’t the time and effort worth something even if the work is not utilized?

Dear God: This is why I’m leaving You

stampI recently came upon a blog,, which is a compilation of letters from ex-churchgoers on why they left the church. I thought it was a very interesting concept, especially for an organization like the church who’s main goal is recruit members. It’s an invaluable research tool that gives them information on exactly why their members are leaving, and thus shows them how they can stem the tide.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all organizations had a resource like this at their disposal? Usually when someone quits a job, or decides not to renew membership in an organization, he or she may be asked to give a reason why. However in many cases the individual may not give the whole truth, or they may choose not to give a reason at all. But if somehow this information became available, think of how this could change not only the rate of member turnover for an organization, but also the quality of an employee’s work environment, and the amount of money spent on new-hire training. A simple concept with the potential to have a far-reaching effect.

(Credit to Good Girl Lit for introducing me to